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A scholar (portrayed by a woman) with a bouquet of flowers holds hands with a woman in a scene from a romantic play. Taken by May’s Photo in San Francisco Chinatown, between 1920 and 1929. Collection of Chinese Theater Images in California, Museum of Performance and Design.

Source: Online Archive of California

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GÜNTHER, Franz Ignaz
The Annunciation
Painted wood
Parish church, Weyarn

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Matt Dangler ~ “Drowning Salvation

"The beauty of his surrealism is captivating. There’s so much information and story behind Matt Dangler’s characters. The environment, lighting, costume, composition, color, even down to the wrinkle on their faces, are all carefully and consciously planned. Each piece of his work is comparable to a book, where you could read the painting for hours yet there will be something new to discover. The mood of each piece inflicts a certain feeling, and it will definitely leave an impression once you leave." - Monzuki

Matt is a fishing fanatic.

Back from the #gym and my makeup is all sortsa fucked. Hello shower.

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Ugh! I should eat a banana… but ill make tacos instead. Period cravings over raw eating. Sorry health.

I let my sister play with my hair.


Månegarm, Nordstjärnas Tidsålder. Proud to be a Swede.

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Hanna Sandviken at the top of Glittertind, 1910. (x)