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I’m watching Underage & Prego and the parents ALWAYS say “She was out at late hours” and then follow up with “I was in shock when she told me that she was pregnant.”

REALLY?! What did they think their daughters were doing at these ‘late hours’? Going fucking roller-blading?! Jesus fucking Christ. Idiots.

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Perseus battles the Kraken by Johfra Bosschart.

I kid you not Top Gear is the greatest program on earth. Also, is America that racist?!

I can’t speak for all of America, but I can speak for the south (Georgia). Let’s just say, in school, a boy threatened to hang me from a tree for being half black. YEAH. Actually took place in the 2000’s. The south is fucking SHIT.

As for top gear, I’ll give you that. I could give a fuck less about cars but that show will even get me to laugh.. Which is saying a lot xD - Sorry for the late reponce. I was going to respond privately but yeah. Can’t do that on mobile. Oh well!

You're so pretty *_* may i ask what's your favorite animal? And also for how long have you been a vegan and how did you switch from vegetarian to vegan? I don't eat meat but it's been hard to leave some dairy a side :( any tips?

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Aw thank you! Favorite animal would be a pig and it’s been 6-7 months now. For me, it was fairly easy. I did a lot of research on the dairy industry and that really got to me. It also turned out that I was lactose intolerant! I never realized it was abnormal to have a reaction to dairy until my sister brought it up xD So after that, there was no question. Had to give up dairy xD as for tips, have you tried replacing dairy products with the vegan options yet? - coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, vegan cheese ect? Also, they say it takes 3 weeks to break a habit. So try to go 3 weeks without any dairy and see how that goes. Sorry if I’m not jam packed full of advice xD

can i ask you a hair question? my hair is like allergic to water every time i wash my hair it makes dreadlock-like tangles even when i use a water based moisturizer my hair will like lock together.but my scalp needs to be washed what should i do?

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At first I thought you were fucking with me, but then I read “water based.” xD I don’t know your routine, but if you use products or cones, you might want to try clarifying. - Not just any shampoo, but a clarifying one. Maybe that’s your issue? - If that’s not it, maybe you need a richer conditioner?

Is it just me, or is this Brown case getting sketchy as fuck? The more authorities talk, the more it sounds like a cover-up. Maybe they needed more time to come up with something. I mean, gah. Just seems like nothing is adding up anymore.. Other than what witnesses have claimed.


Johfra Bosschart, Assault, 1973. From The Moldorer series.


Children of the Moon - Johfra Bosschart



Dariusz Zawadzki


Warwick Goble


Cthulhu : Long Reach of Evil by ESharam

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