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ronald-charles said: a satanic blood orgy in your vagina

I like your way of thinkin!

why were you drenched in blood?

Asked by Anonymous

A goblin has come to claim my vajaha for several days.


Viking pendant by Volundr


Türk Atabeyler dönemi..1126-1234..Irak-Musul..Türk Parası..Türk usulü Bağdaş kurup oturmuş, elinde HİLAL tutan ve başında Tanrıça UMAY gibi Üç dilimli tacı olan bir ikonografi..Kanımca İslam öncesi Türk Kültürünün yansımaları..Hilal Ebced hesabında Allah ile aynı değerde olduğu için kutsallaşmıştır. Nuray Bilgili..

Nothing says ‘good morning’ quite like waking up drenched in blood.


The Tomb of the Poet - Pedro Saenz Saenz



Franz von Bayros


Sending a long meaningful message and getting a one word reply


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My mind is saying ‘yoga’ but my body is just like NO.

Fuck it. Coffee and jogging for today.

im mixed and not sure which culture i should pick or should i mix them ?

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Are you for cereal? I hope not. But just in case! Imo, you shouldn’t ‘pick.’ You should embrace and learn from all cultures, really.

i love how your top lip curves up so delicately it almost looks painted on.

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Well alrighty then!


Alan Lee’s art from “The Mabinogion” 

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Ugh I wanna go tanning so friggin’ bad right now.

your blog has been kinda dead lately

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Someone noticed? XD yeah, I haven’t been on much lately. A busy lady, I’ve been.

So yeah, been using the good ole’ queue.